The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/08/10

Listen to The People’s Game Radio Show for Thursday July 8, 2010
Ziggy Marley just back from South Africa where he attended matches and played a free concert in Soweto – Matthew Futterman on John Cruyff’s influence on Holland and Spain – Sean Engle, the sports editor for the Guardian’s website, which certainly has the most extensive World Cup coverage anywhere on the internet – and Gustavo Arellano’s dialogue with Jennifer Doyle and Fernando Romero about the world cup and The People’s Game.

Ziggy Marley Interview – The People’s Game Radio

Listen to The People’s Game Radio Interview with Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley tells about his experiences in South Africa: attending matches; playing a free concert for the people of Soweto; and reflects on the Pan-African solidarity expressed at the Cup.

Sean Ingle Interview – The People’s Game Radio

Listen to The People’s Game Radio Interview with Sean Ingle
Sean Ingle is the sports editor for – and, if you haven’t seen the Guardian’s World Cup coverage, in my opinion you haven’t fully experienced the 2010 World Cup. It’s astonishing – as vast as it is excellent – and it’s politically progressive too. We talk with Sean Ingle about the Guardian’s tremendous success on the web, and about two of it’s most spectacular, and populist (i.e. inclusive), World Cup projects – the Guardian Fan Network, and the Live Blogs.

The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/07/10

Listen to The People’s Game Radio Show for Wednesday July 7, 2010
Today’s show was live on KPFK Radio & features a roundtable discussion with Jennifer, Alan, Pablo, and Tony about Spain’s dominating victory over Germany – followed by dialogue on the film Zidane; the influence of Johan Cruyff on both Dutch and Spanish football; and the relation between soccer and socialism – & then listener phone calls!

2010 & The History of Global Football – David Goldblatt Interview

Listen to The People’s Game Radio Interview with David Goldblatt
Alan talks with David Goldblatt, author of The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer, about the 2010 Cup in the context of the history of the sport, and of society.

The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/06/10

The People’s Game Radio Show for Tuesday July 6, 2010
32 years later, Holland returns to the final with a more-thrilling-than-expected 3-2 victory over Uruguay. We speak with Uruguayan blogger Lazar Treschan, and a diehard Dutch devotee, Fernando Romero. Then, in our featured interview, we talk with David Goldblatt, author of The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer – having just returned home from South Africa, Goldblatt contextualizes the 2010 World Cup in the social, political, and cultural history of the global game. Lastly, co-host Jennifer Doyle registers her disgust with the ugly reality of the under-coverage of women athletes.

The Genius of Dutch Football – David Winner Interview

The People’s Game Radio Featured Interview with David Winner
In honor of the Holland reaching their first World Cup final in 32 years – here’s the complete interview we did with David Winner, author of the sacred text Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football – truly one of the greatest books ever written about football – and certainly the best English-language title on the evolution of Total Football.

The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/05/10

The People’s Game Radio Show for Monday July 5, 2010
Roundtable with Jennifer, Pablo, and Alan. Much discussion on the justice of Suarez’s save, German flair and strategy, and whether world cup matches tell us much about societies around the globe. The LA Times’ Hector Tobar joins in to talk about ESPN’s inappropriate slight of a Guatemalan ref, and reflect on soccer’s new found popularity in the USA. Then we hear Laurent Dubois’ thoughts after attending the Ghana/Uruguay heart-stopper in Johannesburg – and we exit with a flurry of listener phone calls.

The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/04/10

The People’s Game Radio Show for Sunday July 4, 2010
Today’s show features an interview with Pitzer College Professor Nigel Boyle, who taught the most popular course in the history of his college this past year: “The History and Political Economy of World Soccer.” At the end of the course, the students made predictions about the 2010 World Cup tournament. Their semifinalists? Holland, Germany, Spain, and Ghana – if not for the hand of Suarez, they’d be four-for-four! Listen in and find out who the Pitzer Students say will win the Cup.

The People’s Game Radio Show – 07/03/10

The People’s Game Radio Show for Saturday July 3, 2010
We begin today’s show with Josephina Schmidt from Alpine Village in Torrence CA where 900 euphoric Germany fans watched the rout of Argentina – then, in the round table, Jennifer, Alan, and Pablo discuss the ascendant Germans and look back on the life of Robert Enke, the team’s goaltender who committed suicide in November 2009. Argentine Maria Poblet, an organizer in the Bay Area, joins us to discuss the sense of social solidarity that comes with World Cup disappointment and also tells about the radical leftist soccer teams she’s helped organize across America. Then listener phone calls close out the second straight show we’ve done live on KPFK Radio.

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