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The People’s Game Radio Show for Tuesday June 29, 2010
We keep it simple today with a roundtable discussion about the latest games and the ill-fated Inarritu Nike add where, with Ronaldo’s exit, all the featured stars are now exiled from the mundial. Tony Presido joins us to examine how Spain has turned it around. Then Lukas, a Slovakian blogger in the far east, discusses one of the darlings of the tournament, his home nation which slayed the defending champions, and conveys the passion for the World Cup in Hong Kong.


The People’s Game Radio Show for Monday June 28, 2010

Pablo and Alan review today’s matches and preview tomorrow’s – and take a long view of the Mexican national team in the wake of their exit from the 2010 world stage. Then Fatima Marquez, a Portuguese national in Southern California describes the excitement felt by Portuguese ex-pats during the world cup on the eve of the Iberian showdown. Jose Perez, a Paraguyuan living in Los Angeles, relates the passion of Paraguay as they prepare for Japan. Then in our featured interview, we discuss the unique culture of Dutch football with David Winner, author of Brilliant Orange: the neurotic genius of Dutch soccer.


The People’s Game Radio Show for Sunday June 27, 2010
Mexico and England exit – Argentina and Germany advance. We ask Gustavo Arellano what defeat for El Tri means for Greater Mexico. Then the BBC’s Paul Mason reports from the gloom that has descended on England. Peter Alegi, author of African Soccerscapes, joins us from South Africa with his reflections on the tournament, both on and off the field. Southern California futbolista Andrew Terranova argues that American leftists should root against Team USA.


The People’s Game Radio Show for Saturday June 26, 2010
The people’s sports journalist, Dave Zirin, joins us in today’s feature interview; for a discussion of how sports, and soccer in particular, can serve social justice. But first an extended discussion with Nick Green, perhaps the American journalist closest to Team USA. The Yankees are out of the World Cup and while it was a thrilling run, there are many questions that need to be asked about Team USA: why the early goals? why did Ricardo Clark start? why did Finley? why no Buddle when he and Donovan are such a magic pair in the MSL? where’s Gooch? what future for Coach Bradley? We’ll tackle all those and more in our discussion with Nick. In our final segment, we’re joined by The People’s Game’s Uruguayan correspondent, Lazar Treschan, to review La Celeste’s victory over South Korea and consider just how far they might go.


The People’s Game Radio Show for Friday June 25, 2010

The entire People’s Game team joins in the roundtable as we preview the biggest game in the history of USA men’s soccer – funny how that’s happened three times in the past two weeks. Nick, Jennifer, Alan, Fernando, and Pablo assess the prospects for the resilient Yanks as they face Ghana, the last hope for the home continent. Then Spaniard Tony Presido addresses why Spain still seems stuck in second gear. Radio Korea’s David Choi tells of the thousands of Red Devils who will pack into a square in central Los Angeles for a public screening of South Korea v Uruguay. Then John James in the Ivory Coast explains what went wrong and right for the Elephants who exited the tournament on a winning note vs North Korea. In our featured interview, Jenna Pel of the website All White Kit talks about the WPS, America’s women’s professional league, which is in mid-season now. Finally, we put out a call for global football revolution – let’s build a movement of billions to demand (and achieve!) a two week international holiday during the first two weeks of the 2014 World Cup!!!


The People’s Game Radio show for Thursday June 24, 2010

Italy, the defending champions, get knocked out of the tournament by Slovakia. Japan scores a historic victory over Denmark. Counterpunch’s Harry Browne joins Alan to discuss the tournament – and whether soccer, which not long ago was understood as a source of working class solidarity, can be reclaimed by the people from the forces of global capital that rule the sport today. Then Alan turns to the great analyst of contemporary Italy, Alexander Stille, to find out whether the pathetic performance of the Azzurri is related to culture of corruption that reigns in Berlusconi’s Italia.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for June 23, 2010

There have been many days dramatic in the 2010 World Cup, but for fans of Team USA – long-term fans and all those people who discovered in the 92nd minute of today’s match that they too were Team USA fans – this was by far the most exciting day yet. Landon Donovan’s goal in added time saved the Americans from elimination and propelled them to the top of the Group C standings. The World Cup became the talk of the nation and just possibly – time will tell – catapulted soccer into the top tier of American sports. We’ll talk to Nick Green, who’s followed team USA as close as any journalist in the country, about this exhilerating moment of triumph. Then, Fernando Romero, a lifelong fan of Mexico and Holland confesses a new found allegiance to those damned Yankees! We then travel to foreign shores to talk with Grahame Beasley about the underdog of underdogs, New Zealand. Lars Eriksson in Copenhagen reports on Denmark’s enthusiasm in advance of their showdown with Japan. Sean Carroll, researching a book on Japanese soccer, lets us know how important tomorrow’s match is to the people of Japan and to the future of football in Japan. Gemeli Adzaho joins us from Ghana to talk both about the national soccer team and the Keta Sandlanders FC, a remarkable football club in Ghana. To the end the show, we play the entirety of the special broadcast we recorded earlier today immediately following the USA’s stunning victory.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Tuesday June 22, 2010

Perfecting the art of watching two TVs simultaneously – co-host Jennifer Doyle conveys what it means for Southern California to have Mexico and South Korea both advance. Lazar Treschan reports from cloud nine in La Celeste. Fernando Romero reflects on a less impressive Mexico side that will meet Argentina in a rematch of ’06.. Hamoud Salhi reports on the fervor gripping Algeria before their showdown with the USA. Kevin, a Germany supporter in Los Angeles, remains confident his side will prevail over Ghana – and lastly Ian Masters, who’s great uncle was the captain of the Australian team in the 1920s, expresses his nation’s frustration with the refereeing while remaining hopeful that the Socceroos can pull a miracle against Serbia tomorrow.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Monday June 21, 2010

Halfway through the tournament: 32 games played, 32 to go. The roundtable with Jennifer, Alan, Pablo, and Spanish partisan Tony Presido takes a critical look at the media coverage of Les Blues’ implosion and ponders the success of South America vs. the failings of Europe and Africa. We talk with Tom Dunmore of the blog Pitch Invasion, which expands the scope of soccer coverage. Then Jennifer speaks with three of the East Los Angeles contingent of Global Girl Media about the stories they’re covering related to the World Cup. Arturo Cifuentes, a Chilean “football intellectual,” relates the joy in Santiago as Chile notches its second win in this World Cup after a 48 year drought. Lastly, we broadcast the interview we did yesterday evening with Ancelmo Ramos of the Honduran Resistance of Los Angeles, calling on the Honduran team to make a show of solidarity with Hondurans who oppose last year’s coup.

The People’s Game – Radio Show for Sunday June 20, 2010

A Sunday show of epic length! Alan speaks with Martin McQuillan, who follows the North Korean People’s Team for the Guardian. Then an extended dialogue with the radical media and cultural critic (and full-on soccer fan) Toby Miller about the coverage of the tournament – the quality as well as the political, cultural subtexts. Lastly, on a day when the French National Team has seemingly imploded, we air the entire interview we did before the tournament with Laurent Dubois, author of Soccer Empire: the World Cup and the Future of France.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Saturday June 19, 2010

Today’s show was live-to-air on our home station, KPFK Radio Los Angeles. We open with a roundtable (Alan, Jennifer, Pablo, and Fernando) that takes the temperature of the tournament then shifts to Jennifer’s commentary in today’s Guardian, which calls on FIFA to use this World Cup to combat sexual violence as it has done with racism. Then we focus on Cameroon, the first team exiled from the tournament after a 2-1 loss to Denmark. We’re joined by two bloggers, both passionate supporters of the (In)dominable Lions, to learn what went wrong for this highly-talented side: Cameroon native George Fominyen; and American Liz Hottel. Then we’re joined by the filmmakers behind a great new film, Pelada, about pick-up soccer games around the world. Luke Boughen and Gwendolyn Oxenham, accomplished players themselves, literally traveled the entire globe – and their film captures the intense joy that people from all nations spontaneously find in the game.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Friday June 18, 2010

Three games, surprises at every turn – curiouser and curiouser. In the roundtable Jennifer, Alan, Pablo, and Fernando celebrate Team USA’s amazing comeback vs Slovenia and rationalize their support for the Yankee imperialists. Matthew Cobb, a Man City supporter, has a fertile theory about why England stinks that also explains the political economy of soccer. Nick Green testifies that the USA wuz robbed. Hamoud Salhi relates the euphoria in Algeria over the nation’s greatest result since 1982. Serbian Srdjan Ilic contextualizes his home country’s victory over Eurozone powerhouse Germany. Blogger Thomas Michalakos explains the significance of Greece’s first-ever victory in a World Cup Finals to that embattled nation. Lastly, the BBC’s Paul Mason says the chorus of his countrymen calling for Fabio Capello’s head are out of tune – the blame for England’s misery lies elsewhere.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Thursday June 17, 2010

A glorious day for Mexico, Argentina, and Greece – a roundtable discussion leads off the show with co-hosts Alan Minsky, Fernando Romero, Jennifer Boyle (From a Left Wing), and Pablo Miralles (Gringos at the Gate). Followed by a report from journalist Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City where it’s Xmas and Carnival. The huge Argentine banners herald both Diego and Che – Aura Bogado addresses the relationship between futbol and oppositional politics in her homeland. Lastly Nick Green (100% Soccer) previews tomorrow’s group C matches, as tiny Slovenia tries to knock off another superpower, the USA.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Wednesday June 16, 2010

Great Day for Switzerlands. Jennifer and Alan console Spaniard Tony Presido. Uruguayan Lazar Treschan simultaneously celebrates and apologizes for crushing the host nation’s spirit. El Tri partisan Fernando Romero looks towards tomorrow’s Mexico-France showdown where everything is on the line. Then Jennifer talks with two of the team behind Nomadic Wax’s magisterial 12-minute World Cup track.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Tuesday June 15, 2010

Reflections on the marvelous Brazil/North Korea match and an interview with John Turnbull of the great website The Global Game.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Monday June 14, 2010

Robert Edelman, author of Spartak Moscow: A History of the People’s Team in the Workers’ State, reflects on the 2010 World Cup on and off the field; and Mark Torres posits that soccer is no longer a second tier sport in the USA


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Sunday June 13, 2010

Alan talks with Jennifer about the Ghana-Serbia Sex Machine mystery and the sadly unsurprising fact that Disney/ABC/ESPN’s World Cup theme music comes from the African nation of Utah; Nick Green (no relation) comments on England/USA the day after; and Omar Varela previews three exciting sides from Latin America, who’re flying below the global media’s radar: Paraguay, Chile, and Honduras.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Saturday June 12, 2010

Alan, Jennifer and Pablo discuss the Gringos 1-1 victory over England and the first two days of the tournament. William Nicholls describes the despair that has gripped England, in between pints at his friendly neighborhood pub. Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek gives us the lowdown on team Slovenia, which opens play tomorrow against Algeria.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Friday June 11, 2010 – Part 1

Reportback from Soccer City in Johannesburg with Amy Williams from Global Girl Media; analysis of Mexico’s performance with Fernando Romero; the BBC’s Paul Mason breaks down the political economy of Capello’s England in the post-WAGS era; Laurent Dubois and Lazar Treschan debate who won the France-Uruguay goalless draw.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Friday June 11, 2010 – Part 2

The epic opening day show continues, as Nikki Galucci relates the passion of Nigerian football; and Leo Pas confirms that futbol has indeed surpassed polo as Argentina’s main sporting passion – as tomorrow, Nigeria and Argentina square off; co-Hosts Alan Minsky and Pablo Miralles offer their take on team USA; finally, a look at match day two’s other countries, two current political hotspots – Greece and South Korea – with Savas Michael Matsas and Yung Ho Lee.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Thursday June 10, 2010The People’s Game – Radio Show for Wednesday June 9, 2010

Jennifer and Alan speak with South African Academic and political radical Patrick Bond about FIFA’s exploitative relationship to South Africa.


The People’s Game makes another guest appearance on KPFK’s Uprising show. This time Alan Minsky interviews Peter Alegi, author of the new book African Soccerscapes – about the history of soccer in Africa.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Wednesday June 2, 2010

Alan, Jennifer, and fellow co-host Pablo Miralles talk about their visions for The People’s Game project – and the issues and events they’re planning on covering during the 2010 World Cup.


The final segment of KPFK Radio’s Morning Show, Uprising, is actually a segment from The People’s Game. So, go to the 40 minute mark of the show linked to on this post and you’ll hear:

Alan and Jennifer talk with Amie Williams of Global Girl Media, which is organizing high school age girls in Soweto, South Africa – as well as girls in East Los Angeles – to report on the 2010 World Cup.


The People’s Game – Radio Show for Tuesday June 1, 2010

The first show we did was half in Spanish, half in English.

The English language half is co-hosted by Jennifer Doyle and Alan Minsky, with Nick Green joining in for 15 minutes; while the other part of the show is with Ricardo Gomez.

Jennifer, Nick, and Alan focus on the prospects for the USA men’s team in World Cup 2010; while Ricardo, Jennifer, and Alan look at El Tri, the Mexican National team.

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